Vinyl-covered gypsum board VIPROK

Vinyl-covered gypsum board VIPROK

Sustaining and aesthetically beautiful materials for interior finish of:

  • - Office buildings
  • - Bank buildings
  • - Hotels
  • - Shopping malls
  • - Recreational centers
  • - Commercial buildings
  • - Manufacturing units
  • - Airports and railroad stations
  • - Real estate

Competitive advantage:

Efficient and advantageous installation technology:

  • - Shedule reduction
  • - Concurrent execution of the two or more processes
  • - Viprok might be installed without preliminary preparation of walls in unheated space
  • - No wet processes, noise and dirt decrement
  • - Perfect quality of butt joining using patterned section


  • - Augmented stability, durability. Light fastness
  • - Additional sound and heat insulation
  • - Fully washable. Strike and attrition resistance
  • - The frame allows easily change, instal, demount or displace boards
  • - The frame has resistance to movements of the building (flaws don't appear)
  • - Easy access to networks and communications, which allows installing additional wiring of changing the network

Massive opportunities for room decoration:

  • - Decorative vinyl wallcovering allows imitating different materials: stucco, cotton, strings, etc. You may live out any design concept, model and accent corporate style
  • - End element of interior finish. Boards require no further coloring or exect in accodance with the project
  • - Indispensable materials when space planning and design are required to be changed rapidly
  • - Might be used for office partition systems. You can arrange the room (walls end partitions) in similar color range and design

Technical informarion

Boards VIPROK are produced in several typical sizes. That allows to cut or exect boards in accordance with the project during installation.

VIPROK specifications Definitions
Width, mm 1200
Length, mm 2500 / 2700 / 3000 / 3300 / 3600
Thickness, mm 13
Weight, kg/m2 9,5
Light fastness 8 years
Impact and attrition resistance high
Color and texture range ex-stock – 50
optional - more than 2000
Fire rating class "KM 1"
low-flammable to the standart of Technical regulations for fire safety requirements