Some special aspects of transporting the Viprok panels:

To avoid possible damages of the product, panels should be packed in pallets, which are loaded tightly to prevent their moving. It is forbidden to stack other goods on pallets with panels, exception is for soft thermal insulation in the individual rolls. However, it is possible to keep pallets in 2 layers (one pallet on another), but put between them a packing sheet.

Unloading of the Viprok panels:

It is allowed to unload panels only by using crane or forklift truck. While unloading and transporting, deflection of panels should be avoided. The whole process must be slow and delicate.

You should inspect carefully the product after the cargo reception. If there are any damages, you ought to make a special tick in the documents and take photo of the defect. Strictly forbidden to move a panel along the surface of another one while they are stacked.

Pay attention on:

While moving and assembling the panels, you should prevent their vibration and deflection. Viprok panels should be moved only vertically. It is important to defense corners and edges of the panels to avoid cracks and shears while working with the product.