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Convenience and reliability

Easy to install. The system allows you to install panels in unheated premises without wall preparation and team training

Сheap and fast system

VIPROK system is a top-quality lowcost way of interior decoration

Cheap & fast system

According to our estimates, here in the Russian Federation, the partition system became the most cost-effective. The system is even cheaper than interior decoration using gypsum plasterboard with following painting. At the same time, the panels have several obvious advantages.

  • Intensification of finishing work in 2-3 times.
  • High quality of the finished wall, due to factory form
  • The ability to access communications behind the panels.
  • The created construction has resistance to building movements, which is important in new construction.
  • The ability to carry out the work in unheated rooms.
  • The lowest price for the finished wall.

System of decorative metal profiles

There is a system of decorative metal profiles (sections) using for panels moun

There are two types of profiles:

  • Aluminium sections are painted according to the RAL catalog. The length of aluminium sections is only 3.0 m.
  • Galvanized steel sections which are also painted according to RAL catalog have a length of 2.5 m, 2.7 m, 3.0 m, 3.3 m.

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